Photogrammetry & Octane

At the end of 2016 I had a chance to do some tests with some photogrammetry using Agisoft Photoscan. It's pretty straight forward to use and works very well, although for high res meshes you need a fair bit of RAM. I wanted to see how well Octane in C4D could cope with heavy polycounts, although it is possible to export low res geometry with baked normals & displacement. I added some noise and tweaked the shaders a bit to add more detail close up. Put in an X-Particles setup to light the cracks and crevices. Here is a quick test and some frames. I think I took around 30 images. Much of the success relies on sharp images, with a large depth of field, with plenty of overlap. I corrected the images with bridge before processing, lowering the contrast and removing any slightly blurry images (use a monopod).

VDB Volume Rendering from Houdini to C4D

These are some recent tests I did messing around with VDB volumes from houdini, taken into Cinema 4d and rendered with Arnold. I really like Arnold for volume rendering and at the moment seems way more robust than Octane. It's possible to use the position offset of the volume collector to add a bit of noise to the volume, a bit like Turbulence FD. Frame times were around 2-4 minutes 1280x720 on an i7 6 core. Not *too* long...